Very Long Range communication with Swissom LPN

Yesterday a new LoRaWAN gateway was brought online by Swisscom LPN near Aarau (Wasserflue). Our node located in Fehraltorf recording precipitation successfully transmits its data over this gateway located more than 56km away!
The node is part of the research project Urban Water Observatory from Eawag, Department Urban Water Management in which the urban water cycle is monitored with spatially distributed sensors to answer pressing questions regarding future developments of water infrastructure.

The node further sends data over LoRaWAN gateway located on top of Bachtel since last Friday. Already before data has been received from the gateways on Zürichberg and Uetliberg.

It is great to see how Swisscom LPN network grows and data reliability and coverage increases.

See our realtime demo for Swisscom and other LoRaWAN network provider.