Decentlab Data Access is a complete data visualization and management platform. It acts as a common hub for sensor data and enables integration into all major third-party environments.

Detailed information can be found in the documentation.

In addition, Decentlab offers software development and support services for data integration into customer specific IoT environments.


Default dashboards tailored to Decentlab sensor devices

User-configurable dashboards

Public dashboards with adjustable display time ranges

Web-embeddable graphs and tables as images or interactive HTML documents

Extensible features like maps, heatmaps, etc.


Efficient storage for large amounts of time series data

Daily backups

Direct access via secure HTTP API

Server-side data post-processing


Reports tailored to customer requirements

Periodic report generation and delivery by email

Integration with MS PowerBI and Jupyter Notebook


Interoperable with all major LoRaWAN networks like Swisscom, Actility, Loriot, TTN etc.

JSON-formatted HTTP API response for browser-based applications

Connector libraries for different programming environments like R, Python, MATLAB, MS PowerBI, MS Excel