Showcasing Indoor Ambiance Monitor at Swisscom IoT Day 2019

Looking back to a great Swisscom IoT Day 2019! A great ambiance and a lot of inspiring talks and discussions. It was a great opportunity to showcase our newly released Indoor Ambiance Monitor with #LoRaWAN measuring all relevant parameters for indoor and building automation

Heavy rain event and flood of River Chriesbach

Last Friday, 08-Jun-2018, we recorded a heavy rain event in Dübendorf. In parallel, precipitation and the level of the River Chriesbach were recorded. In only half an hour an amount of 30 millimeter rainfall has been recorded. Nearby river levels raised by1 meter in only 1.5 hours and flooded the walkways!

All measurements realized with our rain gauge and ultrasonic level meter sending data over LoRaWAN to our cloud infrastructure. Precipitation data provided by Eawag (absolute rain depths are still subject to verification).

Realtime data water level Chriesbach

Precipitation recorded during the heavy rain event in Dübendorf

Level of River Chriesbach during the rain event

River Chriesbach flooded pathway

Report about Decentlab in Einstein on Swiss Television SRF

On 24th May Decentlab was featured in Einstein on SRF1. Two relevant projects in research, Carbosense/, initiated by Empa, Swisscom and Decentlab and the Urban Water Observatory of Eawag and ETHZ were presented. We are in both projects the main partner for the LoRaWAN based instruments and data services.

The whole program Einstein of that day was dedicated to Internet of Things with a special focus on LoRaWAN.

So far -33.19 °C is the lowest temperature in 2018 at Hintergräppelen, an initiative by Stephan Vogt, measured in the night of 13th February at Hintergräppelen -33.19 °C with our temperature and humdity sensor with LoRaWAN data transmission. We are looking forward to even lower temperatures!

Screenshot from 2018-02-14 16-51-43.png
Picture by  @Kryphil , Stephan Vogt

Picture by @Kryphil, Stephan Vogt

See video of weather station at

Real time data of Hintergräppelen

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Frost hollow monitoring with our air temperature and humidity LoRaWAN sensors, an initiative by Stephan Vogt, monitors frost hollows in Switzerland. In this season he started to use Decentlab's air temperature and relative humidity with radiation shield (LoRaWAN) and the Data Access platform to monitor Hintergräppelen, a promising site to reach lowest temperatures in Switzerland.

On Tuesday morning we recorded a new minimum of this season with -21.89 °C. We are looking forward for a really cold winter.

More informations about the site Hintergräppelen (

LoRaWAN network by Swisscom LPN

Realtime data

Plot of temperature at Hintergräppelen over the last 30 days with minimum of -21.89 °C

Monitoring station (source Stephan Vogt)

Monitoring station and surrounding (source Stephan Vogt)

One full year of soil moisture monitoring

One full year of soil moisture, electrical conductivity and temperature data sent over public LoRaWAN network from 3 locations in Switzerland.

  • Measurement and transmission interval: 10 minutes
  • Battery usage: 10%
  • LoRaWAN network: The Things Network Switzerland 
  • Applications: Monitor and Control Irrigation Events in Nursery and Greenhouse Applications and Research

Realtime data

Screenshot from 2017-10-19 12-22-16b-edit.png

First snow fall in this season measured at Holzegg

We monitor for WSL, Hydrological Forecasts snow level for monitoring of a catchment with a variant of our Level/Displacement Sensor using an ultrasonic sensor. Beginning of this week we caught first snow fall measurements and now we can observe how it melts down or more layers of snow will add up on the cover over the next weeks and months.

Realtime data of our sensor at the site

Webcam Holzegg from 2017-11-03 (source @WSL_Hydrology)

Webcam Holzegg from 2017-11-06 (source @WSL_Hydrology)