DL-LP8P | CO₂, Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Sensor for LoRaWAN™

DL-PR36CTD | High-Precision Pressure / Liquid Level, Temperature and Electrical Conductivity Sensor for LoRaWAN™

DL-IAM | Indoor Ambiance Monitor including CO₂, TVOC and Motion Sensor for LoRaWAN™

DL-PR26 | Pressure / Liquid Level and Temperature Sensor for LoRaWAN™

DL-PR21 | Pressure / Liquid Level and Temperature Sensor with G1/4'' Pipe Thread for LoRaWAN™

DL-MBX | Ultrasonic Distance / Level Sensor for LoRaWAN™


Command line interface - v130, v140, v141, v142, v151

Downlink command interface - v130, v140, v142, v145, v151

SD card - user guide

Decentlab Data Access - full documentation and API reference


Payload decoders (JavaScript, C#, Lua, Elixir and Python)