TreeNet is a research project which is initiated by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETHZ.

TreeNet is an (inter-) national measurement network in which individual trees represent measurement points. Site-specific physiological data from every measured tree are sent online to a central server.

For further information please see:

TreeNet Switzerland Sites

TreeNet Switzerland Sites

Screenshot of TreeNet processing platform (TreeNet_Pro)   Read more

Screenshot of TreeNet processing platform (TreeNet_Pro) 
Read more

TreeNet sites equipped with DecentNet:

click on "5 days" to see realtime data

Alvaneu 5 days
Bachtel 5 days
Beatenberg 5 days
Bueren 5 days
Chamoson 5 days
Chippis 5 days
Jussy 5 days
Lausanne 5 days
Lens 5 days
Muri 5 days
Neunkirch 5 days
Novaggio 5 days
Riehen 5 days
Sagno 5 days
Saillon 5 days
Schänis 5 days
Scuol-Tarasp 5 days
Sihlwald 5 days
Surava 5 days
Vetroz 5 days
Visp 5 days
Vordemwald 5 days
Wangen 5 days