January 25, 2019

Showcasing Indoor Ambiance Monitor at Swisscom IoT Day 2019

Looking back to a great Swisscom IoT Day 2019! A great ambiance and a lot of inspiring talks and discussions. It was a great opportunity to showcase our newly released Indoor Ambiance Monitor with #LoRaWAN measuring all relevant parameters for indoor and building automation


November 28, 2018

Results of AIRLAB for our awarded Indoor Ambiance Monitor

Results of @AIRLAB_Airparif Challenge for our Indoor Ambiance Monitor with CO2, TVOC, Motion/Activity, Hum, Temp, Air Pressure, Illuminance communicating over LoRaWAN. And we continuously work on it to improve! Full report at http://www.airlab.solutions/sites/default/files/20181114_Resultats_Tous_Capteurs.pdf …


November 21, 2018

Successful Indoor Ambiance Monitoring at Smart City Expo in Barcelona

We look back at a very successful @SmartCityexpo in @firabarcelona. We monitored as a demo expo ambiance, air quality and activity on site with our LoRaWAN Indoor Ambiance Monitor at one booth. Prefect conference conditions! @LoRaAlliance @nokiaIoT


November 14, 2018


Airlab Airparif awards two devices for their performance in indoor air quality

We have been awarded by @AIRLAB_Airparif @Airparif for our Indoor Ambiance Monitor capturing CO2, TVOC, Illuminance, Motion, Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure and sends data over LoRaWAN in the category "Sensibilation sur la qualité de l'air intérieur".

Read more when final results and press release are published online!


June 11, 2018

Heavy rain event and flood of River Chriesbach

Last Friday, 08-Jun-2018, we recorded a heavy rain event in Dübendorf. In parallel, precipitation and the level of the River Chriesbach were recorded. In only half an hour an amount of 30 millimeter rainfall has been recorded. Nearby river levels raised by1 meter in only 1.5 hours and flooded the walkways!

All measurements realized with our rain gauge and ultrasonic level meter sending data over LoRaWAN to our cloud infrastructure. Precipitation data provided by Eawag (absolute rain depths are still subject to verification).

Realtime data water level Chriesbach