Large Soil Moisture Sensor 10HS (LoRaWAN)

Soil sensor 10HS 900px.png
Soil sensor 10HS 900px.png

Large Soil Moisture Sensor 10HS (LoRaWAN)

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Larger Volume of Influence

Use the 10HS to accurately measure water content where a large volume of influence is needed, with minimal salinity and textural effects in most soils.

Characterize Spatial Variability

The 10 cm long 10HS has a ~1.3 liter area of influence. 

Engineered for Accuracy

The 10HS determines volumetric water content (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the soil using capacitance/frequency domain technology. Using a 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making the 10HS accurate in most soils. Factory calibrations can be used in most typical soils with a saturation extract EC of 10 dS/m.


VWC: Calibration dependant; up to 0 - 57% VWC with polynomial equation