• Powered by open-source software and libraries

  • Practical and highly customizable

  • An individual non-shared deployment for each customer

  • Based on the expertise of over 10 years in the field




  • Extensible default dashboards tailored for our sensor devices

  • Graphs and tables can be embedded into other websites either as an image or an interactive HTML document

  • Public dashboards with a shorter retention period

  • Extensible via plugins for extra features (map, heatmap, etc.)

Timeseries Database

  • Efficient storage of large amount of timeseries data

  • Direct access via secure HTTP API

  • JSON-formatted HTTP API response makes it also suitable for browser-based applications

  • Connector libraries for different programming environments (R, Python, MATLAB, PowerBI, MS Excel)

  • Server-side data processing can be performed with various mathematical and statistical functions

Message Broker

  • A common hub for queueing and data format conversion

  • Supports 16 major LoRaWAN network operators (extensible for other network operators)

  • Users can subscribe to the raw message stream via MQTT or AMQP

  • High availability cluster with mirrored queues


  • On-demand or periodic reports using pre-designed templates

  • Python, Octave, and R environments

  • Faster performance as closely located to the database

  • Scheduled report generation and email delivery