Decentlab Data Access is a complete data visualization and management platform. It acts as a common hub for sensor data and enables integration into all major third-party environments.

Detailed information can be found in the documentation.

In addition, Decentlab offers software development and support services for data integration into customer specific IoT environments.



  • Default dashboards tailored to Decentlab sensor devices

  • User-configurable dashboards

  • Public dashboards with adjustable display time ranges

  • Web-embeddable graphs and tables as images or interactive HTML documents

  • Extensible features like maps, heatmaps, etc.

Data storage

  • Efficient storage for large amounts of time series data

  • Daily backups

  • Direct access via secure HTTP API

  • Server-side data post-processing


MS PowerBI report

MS PowerBI report

Jupyter report

Jupyter report

  • Reports tailored to customer requirements

  • Periodic report generation and delivery by email

  • Integration with MS PowerBI and Jupyter Notebook


  • Interoperable with all major LoRaWAN networks like Swisscom, Actility, Loriot, TTN etc.

  • JSON-formatted HTTP API response for browser-based applications

  • Connector libraries for different programming environments like R, Python, MATLAB, MS PowerBI, MS Excel